PitPass teams up with FVRN for 2020 season!

Whooooooooo’s It Gonnaaaaaa Beeeeeeeee? The holiday season is always full of surprises and the 2020 season at Full Velocity will have many more in store as we welcome in our newest sponsorship partner Katie Dugas into the FVRN family. Katie is the creative mastermind behind the “PitPass” which features news articles, interviews, and insight that take us even closer to the action of not only the virtual E-Sports world, but also real world short track racing.
Not only is KT a tremendous writer who turns the story into scripture, but she is also a great budding personality on the racing scene. Her enthusiam not only reasonates in her writings, she is also coming into her zone as a broadcaster, and a social media juggernaut that the Full Velocity audiance will no doubt enjoy. Join us in welcoming Katie Dugas and PitPass to FVRN!

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