From DRTV, Full Velocity Network, and Full Throttle TV we now transition full circle into Full Velocity TV. For years the voices of Todd Stanton and Phil LaCasse became mainstays covering big time races while showcasing a professionalism and excitement to every broadcast, along the way a third partner in Joe Ahlin was discovered and the trio hit the ground running. The key to our continued success in broadcasting is providing our viewers with in-depth analysis, key strategies, guest interviews and a bit of humor keeping all of our viewers entertained, for it is our viewers with their unconditional support, that continue to bring us back wanting to raise the standard of what we envision as professional broadcasting.

The Full Velocity Network rose out of the departure of the DRL Network in May of 2017. Fellow broadcasters Phil LaCasse, Todd Stanton and Joe Ahlin all shared the same feeling of emptiness and dissatisfaction in what we had previously accomplished working with the DRL Network, and it was that drive that prompted us to continue on with the legacy of the DRL Network and rebrand ourselves into the Full Velocity Network in May of 2017. Over a 6 month period FVN would take over the online broadcasting world. With the additions of talents like Blake McCandless, David Schildhouse, and Brodie Hannah into the fold FVN went on to feature multiple broadcasts covering NR2003 and IRacing. The proudest of accomplishments were the simulcasts where the crew would split duties producing 2 shows at the same time. The immediate success of FVN would become a blessing and a curse as in early 2018 as the talent would part ways resulting in the closure of Full Velocity Network.The year 2018 saw Joe, David, and Blake move onto new endeavors with Speed Shift TV and LSRTV. Todd and Phil joined forces with Full Throttle Sim Racing League owner Brodie Hannah and create an in-house product called Full Throttle TV. FTTV covered FTSR’s Cup Series and TDR’s Sprint Car Series but never got out of the IRacing platform. Unfortunately the Full Throttle TV catalog was lost after going live with over 30 shows on YouTube.The desire and fire to return to NR2003 began to burn after months away and with Brodie’s blessing to take a product public Todd and Phil would come full circle back to there NR2003 roots rebranding and reuniting the brands they had spent years establishing. Full Velocity TV is the culmination of years of work. FVTV plans to pick up where they left off returning to a multi-platform broadcast format featuring NR2003 and IRacing content.